New Vinyl Record Manufacturing Process Saves 40%‚Äč

50 Records Costs $770 USD More Prices Here

A fire in a manufacturing plant that makes the parts to make vinyl records forces the record pressing plants in North America to adopt “Direct Plating” You can read the story on ROLLING STONE. By not buying or processing these “parts” the plant passes the saving on to you. This plant, that burned down, had a 90% share of the marketplace. Extra benefit the plant could offer a run of 50 Records.

USA PRICES are 30% cheaper as a result of your purchase from a Canadian company. Your dollars is worth 30% more in Canada. This product is made in a former Sony Music plant as you need a clean room to make records. The equipment and technology (clean room) costs in the millions. So all websites are sale agents. Nobody who answers the phone has a record pressing machine in their basement

For our Canadian Singers 960.00 CDN for 50 on this site. For USA Prices

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