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The press record process involved in creating a vinyl is not a simple nor is it a cheap one. In fact, it’s far more complicated than most realize. This is why, unlike CD’s, commercial or custom vinyl records haven’t become less expensive to produce. It certainly doesn’t help that few old presses remain, until now, leaving labels fighting for a chance to utilize what was left, many lined up for over six months waiting to press records. New machines simply haven’t been manufactured because there was no need..We exist because there IS a need, and when a company finally started manufacturing new Vinyl pressing machines, we made sure we were first in line to take advantage of the resurrection.

The first step in the production of custom vinyl albums is the production of a master disc, which, unlike the molded vinyl LP, is physically cut, inspected, and then sent off to another factory which makes a metal cast of the lacquer. The “mother” metal press record is cut from a matrix before being replated to create yet another negative; the “stamper”, used in the actual vinyl pressing. At the vinyl factory, the stamper works a little like a waffle iron, turning a preheated vinyl biscuit into a true LP record. Many a vinyl factory will melt down any vinyl records with imperfections and use the discarded material to create a “new” biscuit. We want to consistently ensure the best possible product for our customers though, so every single vinyl record we press comes from a brand new vinyl biscuit.

The best part is that, once you have your master, you don’t need to create a new one. We can either keep it safe at our vinyl factory, or you can store it yourself. The initial cost of creating your master, assuming the original is kept in mint condition, is a one-time charge, as that single “stamper” is all that is required to produce copies of your custom vinyl records.

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