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As important as the contents (the actual Vinyl record) are, the first thing your customers and fans see is the Jacket, or cover of your record. We have virtually unlimited options for the look of your Vinyl Record Jacket despite being new kids on the block in the press record world. Why? We have been duplicating, pressing, and most importantly for this step, dressing up CD’s since 1989. This is FAR from new to us, and we are excited to use our experience creating the perfect cover to produce the best jackets for our Vinyl Record clientele. Your wish is our command- do you want multiple folds, lyrics, multiple pockets for albums? Do you want sleeves to protect your customer’s record vinyl within the cardboard sleeve? Or are you doing a promotional run, cheap and cheerful to start, and want to save money by using just a simple paper sleeve/protective sheet to showcase your Vinyl Disc? We can go as complicated or as simple as you want in terms of Jacket options, so the choice is yours.

Price Vinyl Record Jacket -

Perhaps you have the perfect content for your vinyl record, but are at a loss for how to showcase the wonders inside. We can help with that too. Our design, photography and writing teams at Vinyl Record Pressing have endless ideas for you to work with. All you have to do is give us your vision- What do you want people to know about you when they see your custom vinyl record for the first time? From photographs, to graphic design, to artist biographies and thank-you credits, we can work with you to wrap and showcase your vinyl disc in the best possible way. Your custom vinyl records represent something far too important to be wrapped in a label that doesn’t speak well of what’s inside. We can ensure the magic on the outside truly embraces the magic within.


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