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Print On Demand T-Shirts and Hats

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Print On Demand T-Shirts and Hats

No cash required

Artist can offer an unlimited number of t-shirts, etc.. 

If nothing sells, it costs you nothing. 

YOUR logo printed in full colour.

Available for sale right now

You look more professional, and more popular having your gear available.. And you get FREE advertising from the fans who proudly sport your name and Logo!

If you have your own website, we can advertise and put a link to your gear on your own website. If not, there is no need to create one.. Just link to our site on your Facebook, SoundCloud or Instagram account so that your fans have full access to everything you have to offer. 

We accept payments on your behalf and send you a percentage of sales without any hassle, via E-transfer. 

Monthly itemized reports

Account administered by this site (Paul Murton)

Hats, t-shirts, etc… anything that we can put a logo on is available! 

$25* Set- Fee Per Item *This fee is null and void if the artist buys their own items and posts promotional video

Profit per item (t-shirt) is $5.00 based on selling price of $20 OR $10.00 based on $24.99

Your cost is $15



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