Toronto Record Pressing Vinyl

Things To Do

These thing happen after your deposit is made

√ Send Audio via (we transfer) it is free
use the email we are corresponding on
USE 24-bit 96kHz WAV
Send this now — art can be done latter — get the audio in the system to get your “Digital Dub Reference” now
√ Sign and scan – Tracklist_and_Cue_Sheet +
Copyright Acknowledgement
Tracklist_and_Cue_Sheet will be emailed
√ Send your art via (we transfer) it is free
we will give one hour of free graphic arts help
and send a digital proof. If you want the real thing you can make just one record
√ You will get an invoice for the final balance when the job is done

We are going to assume you have given
us the right address

Most shipments go by UPS and a UPS tracking code will be send after your final payment

Scan the code