Vinyl LP wait is over – Introductory Discount

Offer your artists and fans Vinyl and have it in your hand THIS SUMMER!


Vinyl LP wait is over - Introductory Discount

Considering all the fancy technology available for next to no cost, one might assume that vinyl records were gathering dust on the shelves, but that is not the case. Not only ARE people buying vinyl, they are actually buying far MORE than they did a decade ago. As music sales revenues decrease, it seems like record sales increase at an alarming rate year after year. The problem with this sudden homage to old school is that the demand is FAR outweighing the supply. Vinyl LP wait is over – Introductory Discount. Few old presses remain, leaving labels lined up for six months or more waiting to press records. New machines simply haven’t been manufactured because there was no need. Well, now there is one.

There is finally a company stepping up to the plate, and this is your chance to get to the front of the line, because there will be a line. The presses are in high demand, being shared throughout the world and certainly can’t be produced at the rate that records themselves can, so we can’t expect the supply to meet the demand anytime soon.

Instead of waiting with everyone else to press records, you can get your order in now and be holding your custom vinyl records in your hand before the end of summer. The record industry proper is about to take off, and there will be thousands of lps to choose from this time next year, but right now you would be among a select few offering you or your artists in everybody’s favourite “new” format.  

According to data by Nielsen Music, “Canadians bought 517,400 vinyl records in 2015- a 30% rise  over 2014, and nearly 35 times the number they bought a decade earlier.” And vinyl is mainstream again- Adele’s 25 was the top LP record sold in Canada last year.

Not only is vinyl trendy and popular again, the profit on vinyl is unheard of in the music industry. And the respect is immeasurable. Let’s be realistic here.. How much cooler is the band selling RECORDS at their concerts than the other guys? Even if the fans don’t have a turn-table, they are taking a second look at the opening act for their street cred alone!

Bonus offer- Attach one of our Downloadable Music Cards to your album for collectors who want to hear the music and keep their album in mint condition at the same time! Order before July 1, 2016 and save 5% on the card.

We also do CD duplication for the few people crazy enough not to want an actual record. What can we say? One stop shop. Flyers, business cards, T-shirts, credit card machines to peddle your wares… There isn’t much you need that we CAN’T provide. And if we don’t offer it, we probably know a guy who does.

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