Toronto Record Pressing Vinyl

What Is Procure To Get Records Made

  1. 1 We need to know more about your request – details which change the price
    Fill In This Form
    General Prices Are On This Site In  Cdn $
  2. 2 After we get your request – we send a quote
    3) You accept it and agree to this quote
  3. 4) Paying In USA Paypal or saving 4% and paying online in Canadian $ or you are in Canada
  4. 5) Agreed on the price and method of payment. You know make a 60% payment via credit card online
  5. 6) Now you are a customer. the plant now sends out links and requirement regarding your art and audio
  6. 7) We send to u (no costs) a proof of your art – u ok this
  7. 8) We put your order in
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