Toronto Record Pressing Vinyl

Audio Requirements

Audio files for production:

24-bit 96kHz WAV (or AIFF) format file is the vinyl pre-master standard. Other file resolutions are acceptable, down to CD quality audio, 16 bit 44.1kHz

File resolution should be the highest available, but should not be converted up to a higher resolution.

MP3 audio is not a suitable source for vinyl production.

The source audio files should be provided as a single WAV or AIFF format file for each side, with track spacing as it is intended to appear on the record and with the accompanying vinyl forms filled

Poor audio files will make poor quality records. If you want to make sure the records sound good a test press is required. When the Digital Dub Reference / test record is approved the job starts. Any changes after that are at your expense. If you do not get a “Digital Dub Reference / test record” we can not be responsible for the “sound” of your records

The Mastering Engineer

The Mastering Engineer has provided a vinyl specific EQ. Please do a ‘flat cut’. The initial file check and a second file review will be included in this service. A fee will apply to the 3rd and any subsequent revisions. (Call for pricing)

The Mastering Engineer has provided a finished premaster, but has left some adjustment to the cutting engineer’s discretion.

Please adjust the High Frequency and Low Frequency as follows: High Frequency Options (apply only if the record is under 20 minutes / side)

Please adjust the cutting level to preserve the HF content of the premaster as closely as possible, even if that makes the record a bit quieter.

Please adjust the HF EQ as necessary to make the record as loud as possible.

Low Frequency Options Please adjust the cutting level as necessary to preserve the bass and the stereo image of the premaster source, even if that makes the record a bit quieter.

Please adjust the Bass, and the low-mid stereo image as necessary to make the record as loud as possible.

A reference Acetate is a one-off record that you can play several times. These do wear out, but it will give you a very good taste for how your audio will sound on a record. An Acetate is recommended for any album with over 20 minutes of music on a side due to compression.

NOTES on MVM Mastering

MVM will have slight roll off of high-end and may have more pops and slightly higher noise floor than lacquer, but the quality is good. Great for loud records. Will not be heard. But quiet piano solos may not be as good.

Keep The Side Lengths To 18 minutes or less. A Digital Dub Reference is required

This new process is a result of a fire that burnt down a plant. Now all plants do direct mastering

Vinyl Record Production in Peril After Fire at California Plant

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