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This Agreement is made effective as of the following date XXX/2020 by and between XXXXXXX (the “Recording Artist”), with Paul Murton (record pressing) serving as the company representative of “ DBS MUSIC owner of” at the following address:

Paul Murton (record pressing), of the following address:

15 Hubbard Blvd
#12 Toronto, ON M4V 1A2

PHONE: 416-693-9413

Copyright Acknowledgement

XXXXXX of the address


represent and warrant to us that:

The duplication of the Materials will not infringe any copyright, right of privacy, trademark, patent, trade name, performing right or any literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, personal, civil, private, contract or property right, or any other right of any person

Any dispute between the original copyright owner / investor or any other party, and the Recording Artist. regarding duplication of this material does not make Paul Murton of DBS MUSIC, its Partners or its suppliers in any ways liable.

Terms / Conditions of This Sale

Audio Content is up to maximum of 18 minutes per side
Audio has been mastered correctly as per

When the Digital Dub Reference is approved the job starts. Any changes after that are at your expense

Acknowledged by ________________________________________________
XXXXXX (the “Recording Artist”) Date:______________________________

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