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The thickness and quality of the vinyl is imperative when it comes to a good quality vinyl lp. In the early 70’s, as a cost cutting move, much of the music industry began reducing both the thickness and the quality of record vinyl. Marketed by RCA Victor as the Dynaflex (125g) process, it was considered inferior by most collectors. Something to keep in mind when shopping for older recordings, but likely unavoidable in a lot of cases. Most vinyl records are pressed from a mixture of 70/30% virgin to recycled vinyl. New or “virgin” heavy/heavyweight (180-220g) vinyl is commonly used modern audiophile vinyl releases. Many collectors prefer heavyweight vinyl albums for their superior sound because of their higher tolerance against deformation from normal wear and tear. We offer both the standard 150g weight and the heavier 180g weight. BUT we don’t use any recycled vinyl. Regardless of weight, we want to consistently ensure the best possible product for our customers though, so every single vinyl record we press comes from a brand new vinyl biscuit.

Any albums with even the slightest imperfections and don’t pass close inspection are discarded, but don’t be alarmed because the throwaways won’t be ending up in landfills. They will be melted down and used in other products we manufacture. Vinyl has a number of applications, but it isn’t exactly biodegradable, so it’s important to find a way to continue using the material for as long as possible. As exciting as the resurrection of vinyl may be, it’s not going to happen at any unnecessary cost to Mother Nature.  

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