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Unlike the vinyl factory of the past, or even some current press record producers, all of our record vinyl is pressed using a brand new vinyl ‘puck’, rather than recycled from the re-melted pucks of previous press record orders that weren’t up to par. This ensures consistency and quality above and beyond what the Vinyl Disc industry has been known for thus far. But, before you begin to place your order for vinyl pressing, you first need to make a few decisions regarding exactly what you want. There are number of aspects to, and specifications regarding the finished product that need to be ironed out before we start producing your custom Vinyl record. From the packaging type, style, design, and labels to the album itself, we want to ensure that the finished product is exactly the one you dreamt of holding in your hand when you first visited our website.

Here at Vinyl Record Pressing, we have staff who specialize in graphic design, copywriting and editing, and photography, ensuring we are able to help you and yours with every step along the way. Our prices are now, and will always remain competitive, and we strive to offer new and exciting incentives and discounts to both new and returning customers. We aren’t just available from 9am-5pm, like most of our competitors, for your vinyl pressing concerns and questions, as we have representatives available online or by phone up to, often even after 9pm. You will walk away in the end with a finished custom vinyl record you are 110% satisfied with, after encountering nothing but professional, friendly, informative, and efficient customer care. It is our ultimate goal that you will be so pleased with Vinyl Record Pressing that, unless you are walking away from the music industry for good, you won’t be walking away at all!


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