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Unlike a CD, the typical vinyl record has two sides, labelled by number, or sides A and B. The standard size for a small hole is ¼ inch, something to keep in mind when designing your labels. Bear in mind, however, that you don’t want to incorporate the ‘hole’ itself when using the template provided on the website, just keep in mind that it will be there when the vinyl pressing process is complete. Don’t “poke” a hole, per se, into your template, just make sure the missing piece can either be incorporated into the design or that it won’t take away from the overall look of your vinyl disc. Colour isn’t as easy at it looks though, as our labels are baked overnight to ensure proper adherence to the record vinyl. Some color change will often occur in baking. Also, bear in in mind that some ink colors don’t print ideally on certain colour papers (red ink on yellow paper may result in orange print). Unlike on a CD, you have to think about both sides of your custom vinyl records when considering the label, as it’s important for your clientele to be able to differentiate between each sides of your vinyl pressing.

Labels, Center Holes

Much like the outside of your custom vinyl records, the labels adorning the finished product say a great deal about the nature of the product itself. At Vinyl Record Pressing, we realize the importance, not just of encasing, but of labelling your vinyl disc, and will guarantee our design team is available to help you ensure that all aspects of the finished product work together to compliment one another, and, of course, the vinyl record itself.

It’s more important to us to provide our customers with quality work than to jump headfirst into colourful bells and whistles right from the start, so we are currently offering only the standard ¼ inch hole option, but don’t be discouraged, because endless variations and options to custom vinyl records will be made available before you have the chance to say “45 records”.

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